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Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

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Zagreb Croatia

Often forgotten by tourist seeking the sun and coastline, Zagreb is an alluring destination on its own. The capital city of Croatia is a perfect mixture of Western and Eastern Europe. The sober Austro-Hungarian buildings are surrounded by chic restaurants and boutiques that contrast with the seedy pubs and loud beer halls. Zagreb offers a wide choice for visitors. From trendy art galleries to more traditional music halls and museums, and outdoor leisure, a lot of outdoor leisure. Maksimir Park, in the east, is filled with joggers, bikers and strollers. In the southeast of the city, we find Jarun Lake, where locals and tourists alike go to swim or sail and to, afterwards, dance the night away in a lakeside disco. Just a ride away on the shine new trams, we find Mt Medvednica that offers hiking, skiing and great views over the city. Either you are looking for a city break or a break from your lazy beach holidays, Zagreb won’t disappoint visitors in the slightest.
Recommended airport
Zagreb (ZAG)
Points of interest
  • Art Pavilion
  • St. Mark's Church
  • Zagreb Fair
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  • Podčetrtek a 48.40 km
  • Čatež ob Savi a 30.73 km
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