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Mexico City & Riviera Maya
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Mexico City & Riviera Maya

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2.590 €
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Mexico City & Riviera Maya


Mexico is not one country, but many countries together. A land of contrasts from its own nature: volcanoes with snow-capped peaks, beaches with huge waves, highlands close to the sky and the sun, jungles, barren plains, rivers, lakes, deserts, cliffs, canyons and deep valleys. A pristine nature with which man is in harmony. It is a land of dreams, a land of supreme light, a place of mystery and legend, where the stamp of man's ancient history is very much felt. Ancient civilizations (Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Aztecs, etc.), dislocated by the Conquistadors, pyramids, colonial buildings, jungles, stunning beaches, Indians, mestizos, local handicrafts, delicious and spicy cuisine, tequila, exciting rhythms and music. Viva Mexico!

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Giorno 1: Città del Messico

Giorno 2: Città del Messico

Giorno 3: Città del Messico

Giorno 4: Città del Messico, Riviera Maya, Tulum

Giorno 5: Tulum, Riviera Maya

Giorno 6: Riviera Maya, Tulum, Riviera Maya

Giorno 7: Riviera Maya

Giorno 8: Riviera Maya

Giorno 9: Riviera Maya

Giorno 10: Riviera Maya


  • Αεροπορικό εισιτήριο σε οικονομική θέση με την Turkish Airlines & AeroMexico
  • Φόροι αεροδρομίων & επίναυλος καυσίμων (590 € ανά άτομο)
  • Μία (1) αποσκευή και μία (1) χειραποσκευή ο έκαστος
  • Διαμονή σε ξενοδοχεία, όπως αναφέρεται παραπάνω με πρωινό καθημερινά
  • Μεταφορές από και προς το αεροδρόμιο στο Μεξικό Σίτυ και το Κανκούν
  • Ξενάγηση πόλης του Μεξικού με επίσκεψη του Ανθρωπολογικού μουσείου
  • Ολοήμερη εκδρομή με επίσκεψη στην Παναγία της Γουαδελούπης και τον αρχαιολογικό χώρο Τεοτιχουακάν
  • Ολοήμερη εκδρομή με επίσκεψη στον αρχαιολογικό χώρο Τσίτσεν Ίτζα, Σενότε και Βαγιαδολίδ
  • Ολοήμερη κρουαζιέρα στο νησί Μουχέρες με snorkelling
  • Εκδρομή στον αρχαιολογικό χώρο της Τουλούμ
  • 24ωρο τηλέφωνο ανάγκης & Υπηρεσίες τοπικών Αγγλόφωνων αντιπροσώπων/ ξεναγών
  • Ελληνόφωνος έμπειρος αρχηγός/ συνοδός
  • Ατομική ταξιδιωτική ασφάλιση
  • Ενημερωτικά έντυπα, Τοπικοί φόροι, Ασφάλεια αστικής ευθύνης, ΦΠΑ


  • Αχθοφορικά και φιλοδωρήματα, Οτιδήποτε αναφέρεται ως προαιρετικό ή προτεινόμενο, έξοδα προσωπικής φύσεως
  • Φόρος εισόδου στην επαρχία Quintana Roo και δημοτικός φόρος διαμονής (πληρώνεται επί τόπου κατά την άφιξη)

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- After confirmation of the reservation and in case of cancellation there will be cancellation fees based on the above terms

- Hotels accept payments by credit/debit card or cash. ATTENTION! As is internationally established and practiced in major hotels, when arranging formalities on arrival, a credit card or cash deposit is requested to cover any extra consumptions etc. personal expenses (Mini Bar, telephones from the room etc.). 

- Room pick-up: 15.00 & Room delivery: 11.00

- Children up to 12 years old are entitled to a discount from the hotel 

- The company reserves the right to substitute hotels with other hotels of equivalent or superior category in case of force majeure or overbooking

- Airport tax rates are based on the current oil price

- The final cost of airport taxes will be confirmed on the day the air ticket is issued

- To get the honeymoon package you must have your marriage certificate with you

- The order of the programme is subject to change, without omitting any sights and points of interest.

- Prices are compiled according to current currency exchange rates. In the event of variations in currency exchange rates, airfares or hotel rates/local taxes, the company reserves the right to adjust the final price.

Special Price

Special price of the individual & group program is valid for booking & advance payment until 31 May 2024 and for a limited number of participants. After the date, the package price goes up +100 € per person. Please inquire accordingly.

Reservations & Payments 

For final pre-booking, a deposit of 35% of the final price is required, together with the travelers' passports or ID cards and the signing of the travel contract. Payment of the package must be made 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellation policy

We inform you about the cancellation policy of the suppliers of the package (airline, hotels, local services)

In case of cancellation up to 46 days before departure - 150 € per person

In case of cancellation 31-45 days before departure - 40% of the total price

In case of cancellation 16-30 days before departure - 70% of the total price

In case of cancellation 0-15 days before departure - 100% of the total price

*You can replace your participation with another name up to 15 days before departure, without cancellation fees